كلب شرس يقع في غرام "وزة"تروضه بالحب بالصور Puppy love: Dangerous dog is tamed after falling in love - with a goose

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2019.06.16 03:43


نشرت صحيفة "ديلي اكسبرس" تحقيقا عن  "كلب من فصيلة الراعي الألماني، وقع في غرام وزة، تمكنت من ترويضه بسبب طبعه الشرس والذي كان يتطلب قيام شخصين بإطعامه، واحد لإلهائه والآخر لرمي وعاء الطعام في حظيرته"، لافتةً إلى ان "الكلب "ريكس" البالغ من العمر 11 عاماً، يعيش في دار لرعاية الحيوانات الشاردة وكان ينبح ويتذمر من كل شيء يمر من أمامه ويطارد الأرانب البرية لأكلها، لكنه سرعان ما هدأ حين شاهد وزة تُدعى "جيرالدين" ووقع في غرامها من النظرة الأولى".
وأضافت أن "ريكس" و"جيرالدين" أصبحا لا ينفصلان عن بعضهما البعض، بعد أن خشي موظفو دار الرعاية بالحيوانات الشاردة في البداية من قيام الكلب بافتراس الوزة في حال دخلت إلى معقله، واكتشفوا بأنها تمكنت من ترويضه ووضعه تحت جناحيها"، لافتةً إلى ان "الكلب والوزة يذهبان للتنزه معاً في غابة قريبة، وينامان معاً في سرير "ريكس" كل ليلة، وأثارت هذه العلاقة الوثيقة إستغراب الجميع".

Puppy love: Dangerous dog is tamed after falling in love - with a goose A DANGEROUS rescue dog which was on the verge of being destroyed has been saved after it fell in love - with a goose.

Rex the German Shepherd and Geraldine the goose have become firm friends [SWNS]

Rex the German Shepherd was so vicious it would take two people to feed him - one to distract him and the other to throw a bowl of food into his enclosure.

He would bark and growl at anything that passed and would even try to poke his head through his run to eat wild rabbits which roamed past.

But when introduced to Geraldine the goose the dog immediately mellowed and the two became inseparable.

Rex shows his tender side towards Geraldine the goose [SWNS]

At first the owners feared Rex would literally bite his feathered friends head off for straying into his territory - but Geraldine took him under her wing.

The pair now like nothing more than going for a walk in the woods and snuggle down to sleep together in Rexs bed every night.

Staff have been surprised by how close the pair have become and believe the once-angry bird and growling dog bring out the softer side in each other. 

Geraldine has taken unruly Rex under her wing [SWNS]

"Its so comical to see them because they love each other to bits," said Sheila Brislin, who runs the Puriton Horse and Animal Rescue, near Bridgwater, Somerset.

"She just runs around alongside him all day long and whenever we take him for a walk in the woods she has to come too.

"They are very affectionate and hes always licking her head and kissing her. She snuggles into him and they sleep together every night.

"Normally any bird that crossed his path would have been eaten by now, hes that kind of dog, but not Geraldine.

"Ive been doing rescue work since 1997 and seen all kinds of strange animal behaviour, but Ive never seen anything like this." 

Walkies! The pair have brought out a tender side in each other [SWNS]

Rex, aged 11, came to the sanctuary after he was found tethered by a chain in a scrapyard eight years ago.

Sheila added: "They were going to give him a lethal injection to put him down because he had bitten everybody at his previous shelter and there was nothing they could do with him.

"They were so scared of him one worker had to distract him at the front of the run while the other threw his food in at the back.

"He was the kind of dog that would put his head through the fence to try and bite the heads off rabbits." 

Playtime at the animal rescue centre in Somerset [SWNS]

But the dog mellowed dramatically three months ago when Geraldine arrived at the centre after being rescued from a family unable to cope.

The pair were initially kept apart and Geraldine hung around with Donald the duck and other birds. 

"At first we thought he was chasing her and they were fighting about who was boss, but she stood up for herself and that was that, they just fell for each other," said Sheila.

"They snuggle down together and Rex puts his leg over her to protect her. In the morning they have breakfast together. Its really sweet to see them." 

Rex the German Shepherd was on the verge of being put down until he found friendship with Geraldine [SWNS]

But not everybody is smitten with the romance and Rexs former friend Vera, also a German Shepherd, is upset after being ousted by the green-eyed goose.

"Geraldine doesn like Vera at all and makes it quite clear that Rex is hers," said Sheila.

"She goes on the attack if she comes anywhere near and Vera is scared of her.

"Weve had to give Vera lots of cuddles and attention so she doesn feel left out."


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